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With my fist baby I was lost. I knew this baby needed to come out but how? There seemed to be so many options and yet at every turn I had someone telling me a horror story.

In my head all I kept thinking was how did the human race survive before doctors? It didn’t make sense. So, I turned to my trusty friend Google, and overwhelm set in so quickly!

Who was I supposed to listen to?

How did I know their info was legit?

How did I have the time or energy to get through it all, by myself, and then reteach it to my husband?

I was kind of terrified!

Well, when I brought up my fear at a midwifery appointment, she recommended taking a childbirth class, and gave me some options.

Armed with INFORMATION I found a class, but it was long. It did seem to offer the most information though, so we went. We had an awesome instructor, and by the time our 12 weeks were up we felt ready. We had missed out on several events with friends, because 12 weeks of our Friday nights being taken up by class was a lot, but it was worth it.

Then the time came,

I labored, hubby supported, and we worked together.

We used our knowledge from class to help stand up for ourselves, and felt confident in standing our ground to go without medication. My husband was able to help me rally when I truly thought I couldn’t do it anymore. He could tell I was so close, and I was. Then our boy was here, pink and screaming on my chest, he was perfect.

It was in those few hours after birth I knew every woman deserved a birth like this. I felt on top of the world, I felt like a warrior victorious from battle, I was on the most amazing high. My little man was vivacious and alert. My husband was right there and apart of the whole thing.

The thought of helping other couples wouldn’t leave, so I became a certified Bradley Method Instructor. They have a wonderful premise, husband coached childbirth, seems simple right?

But as I began teaching, I felt something lacking.

In the bottom of my heart I don’t believe women should be made to feel as though they have failed in childbirth if they need an epidural after 30+ hours of labor, or they end up with a C-Section. All the information I was being given to share with clients was also OLD.

I was spending hours

researching and adding to the curriculum I was supposed to be teaching.

In my hours upon hours of research I found Evidence Based Birth® Classes and I was amazed.

It was up-to-date, and accessible.

It was easy to understand and everything was meticulously sited. I was impressed with Rebecca Dekker as well; she is a nurse with her Ph.D. She knew what she was talking about. So, when I found out they had and instructor program I jumped in.

It was not easy to become an instructor; the application process alone took me several weeks. I cried when I found out I had been accepted. The only thing missing from Evidence Based Birth® was a comprehensive childbirth class.

When Rebecca announced she was finally releasing a comprehensive class I cried again. The additional training was intense, and I learned so much, even though I had been teaching childbirth education for several years.

This class fills in the gaps

that so many other childbirth classes are missing.

  • It works through a HUGE list of comfort measures.
  • This class will give you a voice in your birthing time.
  • If you are going to the hospital to have your baby (like about 97% of women do) then you need to find your voice and how to use it.
  • Hospitals, especially maternity care, have a culture all their own.
  • We’ll make sure you know how to be an active participant in your birth, not just someone along for the ride.
  • One of the biggest things is that because this class is from Evidence Based Birth® you’ll have easy access a crazy amount of evidence. And your partner will too so you can work together to have the birth you desire.

It brings me so much joy to be able to bring this class to the Phoenix area and to continue to help give parents to be a voice in their birth experience.


What's Included:

  • Mentorship from Lora, an experienced EBB Instructor
  • Two in-person classes to practice your labor skills 
  • Five weeks of online videos for you and your partner to watch together
  • Four video chats with your Instructor and classmates!
  • BONUS: Breastfeeding and newborn care videos
  • BONUS: Earn points throughout the class to redeem for prizes at the end! 
  • BONUS: Access to Lora’s lending library, full of books, audio-books, and DVDs 
  • BONUS: Bring your doula to our final in-person comfort measure rehearsal
  • BONUS: Small classes to give you the individual attention you deserve

Here's What My Clients Say:

This class is a total game changer for us. I’d heard negative [birth] stories…I was scared and very on edge. Then once we started taking the class, and when we learned about interventions that I was apprehensive about… It brought us together in that [my partner] understood birth more, and I understood it more. And as soon as I went into labor, we were on. We were a team.

Class Member

I really appreciated how informative it was. I knew a lot about the biology of birth and babies, but what we learned was just very impressive. It was a really good experience—fairly chill, fairly laid-back, and not nearly as stressful and awkward as I thought it might be. All the information—I never would’ve thought there was that much information out there!

Class Member

Take this course! I started out nervous but I am now very excited and looking forward to the birth of our baby! My husband and I feel very prepared for our baby’s birth day.

Class Member

Sign up!! You’ll feel more prepared for your baby and your spouse.

Class Member

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